How to get customer satisfaction of hosting Cambodia (part 2)

August 15, 2017

If there’s an issue with web hosting Cambodia of one of your customers, they will hate to wait without getting quick support from your end.

Quick and reliable support is the key

Any issue raised by a customer must be attended to, at the earliest, and if it is a critical issue, then it has to be addressed within an hour. In any case, none of the problem raised should remain unattended for more than 24 hours. Irrespective of whether you cater to local customers to operate on global level, make sure that you have a qualified team to offer round the clock customer support.

Have proficient technical support staff in place

It is important to understand that your users rely on your support team blindly. So, you do not want a bunch of customers who complain that they do not understand what the support executives are conveying to them.

Sometimes, the technical support team of your hosting in Cambodia sincerely responds to an issue very quickly, but fails to resolve the issue on time, which does not help the cause either. Therefore, responding on time is not the only necessary factor, and your tech support team is able to resolve the issues efficiently well within a short time frame. More problems resolved on time simply lot of satisfied customers. So, satisfied customers usually translate to more referrals, and higher retention rate!

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Keep your customers informed

It always makes a good impression if you alert or inform your clients about new developments in advance.

Keep letting them know the kind of things that could potentially affect their web. The customers should know about schedule of backup and maintenance. This helps in operating smooth internal operations without unpleasantly surprising your clients with unplanned down-times due to network upgrades, and maintenance. If a certain issue is time-intensive and cannot be resolved within hours, it’s always good to inform the customer about the same and give them periodic progress report. By no means, you can afford to leave your important customers out of the loop in any of your operations that indirectly or directly affect them.

You are bound to fail if you do not care about the customers!

Web hosting vendors who do not feel the need of providing the best-in-class support and addressing the concerns of customers in a timely manner, usually lose their valuable customers one by one, and eventually fail to sustain their business in the longer run.

Good hosting vendors always believe in complimenting a customer’s business by offering top notch client support and value added services.

Finally, never underestimate a customer since it all starts with a small association. Clients who take up the cheapest shared Cambodian hosting plan usually end up paying the costliest of VPS or dedicated servers in a matter of just 6-12 months, so it would be utter foolishness to overlook such potential clients.


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