Necessary questions to ask your hosting company in Cambodia part 1

December 2, 2016

There are hundreds of questions that you could ask your potential hosting company in Cambodia to make the best decision for hosting plans.

  • What payment methods are available? For example, if you register for a two-year subscription term, do you have to pay that full amount upfront or is it will divide into increments?
  • What level of technical support do they provide? Phone, live chat, email or ticket or all of these?


  • If you find at a tangible data center, where will your servers physically be located? Do they give you a choice in location?
  • How long has the web hosting been in their business? Have they changed management in that time or anything else recently?
  • If you are considering a dedicated hosting in Cambodia environment, who is responsible for managing the servers, you or their staff? Have they offered fully manage for your selected plans or is it the one in which you basically hire their server for maintaining your data?


  • What are their server upgrade protocols? For example, when will they upgrade and update their servers without making downtime? What time and how long do they do they make those updates?
  • What is the average monthly uptime? What is the uptime guarantee? Make sure that this rate is approximately 99.999%.
  • What type of scalability potential is there? If you start with a shared hosting plan, can you expand your storage later or even switch to a dedicated server? Or does the provider you are considering just specialize in one environment?
  • What is their renewal policy? Know that if you are a first-time member, you will likely register at a discounted rate that the changes when you renew your contract – ensure that you know full of the ramifications.


  • What are their security solutions and server backup protocols?
  • What are their technical support methods? Check all of their support including online chat, phone support, email…?
  • Are they the original hosting provider or a Cambodia server hosting services reseller?
  • What type of installation assistance is included at no additional fee?
  • What types of e-commerce functions are included with the plan you are considering.
  • If you are finding at an unlimited hosting plan, make sure that you know the truth of the term of “unlimited”. All unlimited server have limitations – it is just a matter of what limitations are.