Necessary questions to ask your hosting in Cambodia part 2

December 6, 2016

By getting the answers to these questions below, you can get a clear picture of what the hosting in Cambodia provider offers long term.

  • What are the provider’s demands to cancel a hosting contract? What is their required period of notice?
  • Does the provider offer user a free trial plan? Almost every provider offers at least a 30-day trial, but some offer longer terms – keep your close eyes and take advantage of the no-commitment period to check every factor of the service.
  • What is their refund policy during the trial period? Most providers’ trials are not truly free – you will end up paying for the service, but get your money back if you feel unsatisfied.


  • What are the reparation for organizations that consume bandwidth and storage in a shared hosting environment? How does the Cambodia server hosting provider mitigate these types of problem?
  • What is their policy if you want to change your hosting configuration resources mid-contract? For example, if you start out in a shared hosting configuration and want to switch to a dedicated or VPS during your contract term, is that allowed?
  • What does their installation process entail? What are you responsible for and how much support do they provide during the process?


  • Is their support any center outsourced? Where is it located?
  • Are there any limitations to the types of software that you can install?
  • If someone hacks their servers and network connection, what is their guarantee of being able to restore your data? What solutions do they have in place for this?
  • What is their privacy policy and how is your personal data managed?
  • Are there installation fees? Are they waived for first-time subscribers by discount and promotion?


  • How are the spamming complaints managed and dealt with?
  • In a shared hosting Cambodia environment, how many users are assigned to each server? Is there a maximum? This can be useful in determining whether the host oversells space as well as whether you are likely to experience bandwidth or space issues.

What specifically is included in the service that you are considering? Make sure that you understand what you will get from the storage through the number of email addresses, subdomains included and quantity of domains.