Protect your business from bad hosting website in Cambodia (part 1)

January 17, 2017

A reliable hosting website in Cambodia keeps your site up and running (accessible to clients) consistently with minimal downtime.

On the other hand, a bad hosting can be detrimental to your success by capsizing traffic, not to mention your SEO ranking. As a smart business owner, you have to be aware that even the best of hosting providers can turn into bad hosting (although they are good initially) one day.


For those who are operating a business online – it is necessary to put up certain level of defense and protect themselves from their own hosting. Here are my ideas on how to get it done.

  1. Stick with a hosting provider with a long trial period

Hosting Cambodia providers should offer at least a month, but there are some that offer an even longer trial period. A trial period can show that the hosting company is confident in the quality of the service they must offer.

Some providers also offer an anytime money back guarantee. Assuming that you pay for a year of service, but after 90 days, you feel unhappy with the quality of the hosting company. With a money back guarantee policy, you can ask a refund and cancel the remainder of the time on your account. Keep in mind that companies offering this guarantee typically know they can deliver a good service and that you are unlikely to want to cancel.


  1. Avoid Blacklisted IPs

There are many reasons to avoid blacklisted IPs, including the reputation of the Cambodian hosting company and more importantly so your emails sent from your domain are not blocked by other providers. A blacklisted host means your email can be blacklisted too.

  • Before registering, ask for the IP address of your web hosting.
  • Use a quick check using Spam Haus Lookup tool.


Guarantees are a signal that you can trust that company more than one that are not responsible for its service. That combined with reviews such as those on WHSR can help you choose a hosting provider which will meet your requirements easily.