The advantages of managed WordPress hosting Cambodia (part 1)

March 23, 2017

By moving to managed WordPress hosting Cambodia, you can not only eliminate bad issues from other users but also get many benefits.


Better support

Support personnel at your shared host may be extremely friendly, but they’re unlikely to be WordPress experts.

Have you ever had problems where the standard response was: “Ensure that WordPress is updated and make sure you are not using bad plugins”? Or that old classic: “Try deactivating your plugins one by one to see if one of them is the problem”?

Managed WordPress Cambodian hosting exactly know what version of WordPress you are operating (since they are the ones maintaining it by themselves) and what plugins you have set up. They’ll be able to home in on your issue far more quickly and will be able to solve issues that shared hosting will not even get into.


Better uptime & scalability

Because of the highly-tuned nature of the installation, your site will be able to handle a higher number of traffics with a managed WordPress hosting than it would be able to when running on shared hosting — though remember that many leading hosting, will have predefined limits on the number of monthly visitors your website will be able to accommodate before being subject to added charges.

It is worth mentioning though, that in actual fact, some managed WordPress hosting does, in fact, run their services on shared hosting — i.e. some will actually share a portion of the server’s resources with other users. However, if resources are shared, they’ll be both much better allocated between fewer users — meaning that the “bad neighbor effect” is often all but completely negated. In short, even if you buy only an entry level managed WordPress hosting account, you’ll almost certainly still receive a vastly superior level of uptime.


Furthermore, if your site starts to outgrow the particular managed WordPress hosting in Cambodia you have chosen, technicians will often soon let you know that you’ll need to consider upgrading to a higher-level of service.

The real benefit here is that since your site is on a standard platform, there’ll be no migration hassle — unlike when having to move from a shared hosting to a VPS or dedicated server.