The advantages of managed WordPress hosting Cambodia (part 2)

April 12, 2017

Site speed and backup service are always important factors that you need to consider when choosing WordPress hosting Cambodia.


Automated backups

We have to emphasize that it is very important for users to make regular backups of website. Actually, most of the managed WordPress hosts include not only automatic daily backups, but also functions that let you easily and quickly restore to your backups should you ever need to.

Many shared hosting services offer automatic backups via cPanel. However, these are almost always stored on the same server; meaning they are just as susceptible to damage as the original data. Besides, restoring to one of these backups is usually no trivial task.

In contrary, managed WordPress Cambodian hosting usually offers one-click restores that will bring your whole site back online within minutes, if not seconds!


Fast speeds

Everything about managed hosting servers is optimized to run WordPress. In contrary, many shared hosting plans need to be able to run any kind of application/ platforms, so they have to forfeit all the WordPress-specific tweaking and fine-tuning which managed WordPress hosting plans are able to do.

On managed hosting, everything from the hardware to the software is built for WordPress websites. They’ll have server-level caching in place and will likely be operating the most optimized version of PHP, MySQL and Apache — all of which will be individually configured to give the best performance possible.

In short, running a site on managed WordPress Cambodian web hosting can usually reduce a site’s page-load speed by somewhere in the region of 1-2 seconds or more! Think this is just a drop in the bucket? Many studies have shown that a 1-second delay in load times can cost companies like Amazon $1.6 billion each year!


While your site maybe is not going to be the size of Amazon anytime soon, there is no doubt that your site’s speed is going to be critical to its success. The speed is important not only for better customer experience, but also because Google takes a webpage’s speed into account when determining where to rank it in search results.a