The advantages of managed WordPress hosting Cambodia (part 3)

April 21, 2017

Security and backup are the most important things you should consider when making decision for a WordPress hosting Cambodia.


Enhance security

Basic security sweeps are likely performed by shared hosting to ensure that their hundreds of users on each server are not hit by all sorts of threats. Managed WP hosting however, takes security to a whole other level.

Increased daily malware scans, security protocols and the ability to ward off all kinds of cyber threats are features you can find quite much as-standard on most of the managed WordPress hosting packages.

However, no matter how safe your servers are —sites still occasionally end up being attacked. If your website is unfortunate enough to get hacked on managed WordPress Cambodian hosting, you will almost certainly be better off since your hosting will likely have both more WordPress-specific know-how and be willing to apply it to get you out of a fix than a general shared hosting will.


Automatic updates

With managed WordPress hosting, your web server will be managed by professionals whose goal is to make sure that things are performing at peak efficiency. Automatic updates cover not only everything from the operating system on the server to PHP and MySQL… but also WordPress itself!

This means that you’ll always be running the latest, most stable and secure versions of just about everything.

Shared hosting sometimes offers something similar, but with a slight twist. Shared hosting operators also take care of maintaining your server essentials, but this will be done far less proactively and primarily include only the operating system, control panel, PHP, MySQL and Apache — at best. It will not include WordPress — which you may need to maintain yourself.


Conclusively, goal of using shared Cambodia server hosting isn’t to keep you happy. Instead, it is to keep the maximum number of people on a server happy. Your server will always be optimized to operate every possible combination of apps, and not to run one specific platform at peak efficiency.